Useful and timely marketing and communications support

Catherine explains how she helps businesses

REVIEW – If you do not have a lot of time to spare, need someone to provide a fresh review or just need some quick and simple ideas to increase customers into your business, this is for you!  Want to learn more?

ENERGISE  – Aimed at the self-employed or small business owners, you are great at what you do and determined to make your business a success but you seem to be working lots of hours and don’t have the income to show for it.    Want to learn more?

EMPOWER – Often your business has the right ingredients for successful marketing campaigns, but somehow misses the mark. We can provide the recipe and framework to make it work in the future. Want to learn more?

ENGAGE – You need to understand your customers
before you can market to them. We have a portfolio of different customer
engagement and profiling tools to help you target your business without the
scattergun  approach. Want to learn more?

FACILITATE – If you need to quickly explore a range of marketing ideas, or perform a collective review of past marketing campaigns this is for you. Our trained facilitators can manage discussions so that outcomes have clear and measurable actions.    Want to learn more?

COACH  If you want to improve marketing effectiveness in a structured way – we can provide a tailored mentoring service for individuals or groups that is focused on outcomes and results.  Want to learn more?